There will be a business always thriving, markets choose it. Traditional companies (non-internet companies) are in pain but internet companies are skyrocketing as expected.

Note: Most of the internet companies shifted the phase from traditional business at some stage, now you know.

Entertainment (Gaming and non-gaming)
Many Digital Gaming businesses have deep pockets in the physical games at some phase.

The market shift :

Traditional physical games were played by people who are capable of good athletics. Majority were watching them.

In the modern world physical athletics gradually decreased and people started playing board games then to digital games. People watch it too.

Remote work
The service sector especially took advantage of the remote work services.

The market shift :

The software, support services and even banks have started practicing remote work as a back plan.

In the modern era, They are tools providing freedom, diversity, and talent to increase productivity.

Online education and remote learning
Content creators took advantage of online education wisely rather than institutions.

The market shift :

After the formal education top level executives to freelancers were craving for the upgrade of their knowledge And the content was pushed digitally.
Institutions just had online source and knowledge repository. The content creators took off the knowledge intuitively through digital And soon  MOOC platforms were born.

Lifestyles of Health and Sustainability and Wellness

Gym and wellness centers were the only motivational places for health and mental fitness to mass.

The market shift :

Gym and wellness coaches took advantage of the digital space to provide virtual classes. They represent brands and grab lot of traction from recent markets.

Digital marketing
The upsurge in online users increased drastically leading to more ad revenue.

The market shift :

Traditional marketers digitized the content ranging from posters > comics > audio > video  > animations >  graphics > 3D > and AR/VR.
The channels of marketing have included social media, in-video, TV, streaming services, search engines, influencers, Email etc.

Streaming services
On-demand video content has skyrocketed as expected.

The market shift :

The successful media companies have shifted from DVD’s, TV series to streaming services but the real reason behind market adaption is the quality of the content has pushed to limits.

Online grocery
The grocery service is in an upsurge drastically.

The market shift :

Traditional retailers are severely hit but online retailers are in a rush as they can operate.  The early digital adaptors in retail use technology from logistics, billing, AI and analytics.

Bonus Insight:
These may seem a temporary surge but consumer volume has increased.