Goal: Implementing creativity.

Creativity is the most important leadership quality and you have it.

Creativity can be cultivated. It's not a one man show for a business to sustain the future. It needs people who believe in and work towards it. CEO should always make sure creativity is embedded  all the stages of a business.


  • Need diverse people
    • Diversification includes age, gender, geography, language, culture.
    • All departments should be considered
    • Establish communication channel between
    • Respect and Constructive Criticism between all members
  • Generating new ideas
    • Workforce should be aware of well defined universal goal of the company
    • Educate them and provide tools to improve themself
    • Freedom of speech, time, responsibility, collaborate in and outside of the company
    • Hire right, believe and It takes time to evolve
  • Demonstrate
    • Make sure everyone should be able demonstrate their views
    • Escalate decisions quickly and reduce levels of review process
  • Execution
    • Share the decisions all the member with firetalk
    • Make sure it aligns the business goal
    • If something goes wrong, share with everyone, reiterate.