Understand the basics which will lead to a decision rather than start searching for technologies to start off the product which are future proof, in reality there is no fixed product roadmap. Technologies are smarter but have become too complex. Now You are smarter.

Understand the product

Limited product scope

If a product is with limited scope and resources go with popular technology possibly eg: php. It means we don't need to change product scope frequently, mostly defined set of use cases. The below specifications are generic and it may change based on the type of the requirements.

Static website - HTML css js is enough  (web designer)
Static website - it’s a site with our profile information, services, address , contact forms, images simple as that.

Blog - Wordpress
Wordpress is best in case you try to start a blog with limited resources.

Dynamic website - php framework (php developer)
These are websites with users login, products, inventory management, billing, admin and user permissions.

Startup product scope
If the product scope is subject to frequent changes and dependent on market i.e. external factors have to be developed with frequent volatile which are based on the markets we should consider prototyping it first. These are products considered extremely complex based on the amount of users, type of data, resources use cases, engineering, creativity web, mobile, api, files, reports and many more. These may require rust, c, nodejs, magento, ruby, React, ios, android or combination of all.
The best approach is to consult and have a strong experienced team to avoid unthoughtful resource spending's i.e. rework.