Entrepreneur is not a coined term for role in the business. It's a lifestyle in which discipline, learn, spirit and vision are essentials of lifeline. Entrepreneur’s goal is not the financial outbreak, it never ending hard word, trying and giving. The worst part is not trying, which are known as regrets.

Mastering Forces

  • Master the mind
  • Master our environment
  • Mastering world

Master the mind

Master the mind and not master mind unless you are in control of the environment. As the zen master teaching everything starts within ourselves. Self discipline is the important part of entrepreneurship and exactly self discipline to keep trying. Yes it's a hard process routine but it simply works. Sleep and food are definite parameters for success.

Master our environment

Keep yourself busy all day, Oh wait this phrase will misguide you. Schedule the time for work, sleep, networking and spend time with family. Mastering this skill takes time too. Start networking across the world by stepping out of the  immediate/first circle. Do not hesitate to initiate asking help , It will keep you motivated and increase your involvement. Quality networking improves mental health and feedback. Be in the environment with like minded people.

Mastering world

Master the world - it's a cool title tho. One day all entrepreneurs face a world where they find reality, admit it. Accepting it and reiterating it is the ability which brings the entrepreneur up and going to reach new heights.  Revenue is not a metric with which entrepreneurship is measured, its values which bring profits to yourself and people around you. Entrepreneurship is a skill which takes time to master to lead the world to new dimensions.