Goal: Implementing networking skills

Networking is what makes your business Scale up at any stage. It needs discipline and patience for one to achieve.

Now you are one of them who Knows.

Business network rules,

  • Outside comfort zone

    • Go beyond people in your immediate/first circle
    • Start with strong professional connections
    • Take the first step by reaching out
  • Interpersonal Skills

    • Be open-minded and trust-worthy
    • Listen to learn about them
    • Any action occurring should be Win-win for both
  • Networking goals

    • Manage your time to make way for networking
    • More time you spend, more you get
    • Focus on Quality over quantity
  • Find potential groups

    • Know where to do networking
    • Understand your target
  • Think long-term

    • Provide as much value as you can.
    • Give them some time
    • Ask for help in networking
  • Make a habit.

    • Utilize digital media, events etc
    • Re-introduce
    • Always follow up regularly