Coronavirus forces the term Rethink. The top level got through and the mid cap and small companies struggled to get through because of their faulty basics. A Company should be perceived as a set of beliefs and group of people collaborating to achieve greatness.

You have found a way to rethink to reach here.

The Cut down

  • Outsourcing work
    • Focus on important work based on field experience
    • Find And Establish Key Relationships And Networks
    • outsource support, development, marketing, sales etc.
  • Operations
    • Automate administration and human resources
    • Implement system to know cost to revenue
  • Remote work disciplines
    • All talents can't be acquired in one place
    • Transparent work status leads to responsibility
    • Provide tools to process the workflow
  • Sales and lead generation
    • One strategy/plan never fits all
    • Need multiple partnerships to scale globally
    • Accessibility increases lead generations
  • Customer help desk
    • Automate troubleshooting via bot, help docs
    • Complex issues are well served with native people support