What types of services are offered?

Scaleblue partners to process outsource work, build and manage workforce, digitally transform the way they work and serve their clients with integrity. You can focus on Business/product development while Scaleblue covers legal, administrative, HR payroll, office space and amenities. Such as managing dedicated offshore software development teams managed directly by you which increases your focus on the other business aspects. Providing recruitment and relocation services for teams to work on-site in their home offices. We also offer consulting on finance, legal for business as optional service. For more information on these services, check out services here.

What types of professionals can be hired?

Accountants, UX/UI designers, business  analysts, project managers, scrum masters, Developers, software analysts, QA engineers, DevOps engineers, customer support engineers, R&D fellowships and data engineers.

What programming languages/technologies do you work with?

Every language and technology available. Java, JavaScript, PHP, and Magento, Java, C#, python, android and ios are the most common technologies. we can help you find engineers with a skill set according to your requirement. If the skillset you're looking for is so rare that we won't be able to help, we'll let you know right away.

What is my eligibility to access your services?

You can be a corporate company, traditional businesses, startups, investors, entrepreneurs, side-hustle developers, people who have an idea trying to execute without losing their hold on the project.

What's my role and responsibilities?

You communicate tasks, backlogs, and roadmaps to the team, individual or team lead/manager. This increases your time on focusing other business aspects such as strategizing, partnership, marketing, and branding etc.

Do you charge for recruitment?

While building a team with us, You don't have to pay us any additional charge. If you are hiring a developer to your home office ie. relocation, you are charged one time fee which covers candidate screening, interview, selection and assistance on relocation.

Time taken to build a development team ?

Building a team takes approximately 2- 5 weeks based on the skillset, number of candidates. If you have any enquiries about time and cost estimates, feel free to get in touch here and we’ll get back to you shortly.

How recruitment takes place?

Based on requirements, our recruiters search an exclusive database until they find candidates that fit. Then, you can personally interview the candidates and you approve the best ones. We can o as many interview stages as per your need to hire the right people, including code reviews and assignments.

How do you charge for developers?

We bill you on a monthly basis, not hourly. To give you an approximate estimate of what to expect in terms of costs for a team, we need to know the number of developers, Years of experience, amenities and skill set. Just for reference, Approx $15/hr for experienced developer including all expenses, calculate it to monthly. If you already have requirements, feel free to get in touch contact here and we can get back to you with a quote.

How do we offer services at less cost ?

Your actual cost = salaries globally + infrastructure + taxes
With our services, your actual cost = salaries globally/2 .
Average software developer/engineer salary cost :

Can we practice agile methodologies?

Yes you can, Your hires are your employees. Based on the type of project you shall choose the best methodologies to implement among your team. Like extreme programming for new projects, you could use kanban, waterflow for existing projects too.

Where will the team be located?

Remote inside india or Chennai, India's largest exporter of information technology (IT) and business process outsourcing (BPO) services. Your team will work from our fully-equipped offices space, you can visit too. The south Indian city is a fast emerging destination for information technology outsourcing and has seen a growing number of IT parks being built here.

How much does it cost for setting up a team?

No upfront cost for getting started, pay as you grow. We'll furnish your team with all that they have to begin, including equipment, furniture, office supplies, network and support staff.

What kind of administrative support is provided?

A dedicated client manager will take care of your development team needs. Our accounting and legal teams will deal with all the administrative issues including payroll, taxes, employee benefits and social contributions for your offshore software developers.  We’ll also organise local tech events to facilitate their teams knowledge growth.

How to manage my team?

We don't have any management layer in between you and your team, which introduces N number of possibilities to manage at your own will. You or your in-house manager can manage your team. In some cases you can hire your manager with us too. You shall use your own softwares to monitor and communicate with the developers as per your needs.

How many developers can we have?

You can hire only one developer too and in future we can help you out to build out a team in future. Huge team no problem we will help you build and expand your team at no extra cost.

Can I change the team members hired with you?

Yes, if your requirements need changes or if you feel not happy with a member of the team, Please let our Client Manager know immediately. We ‘ll try our level best to improve the quality. If this doesn't work out, we shall replace it at no additional cost to you.

Should I pay cancelation charges?

No, Please let us know one month in advance so we can be well prepared.

Are business trips allowed and Can I visit my team?

You sure can. We will help your team with visas, travel arrangements, and accommodation. We appreciate our clients visiting their teams and spend some time working with them, It builds trust.

Is your organisation a legally registered entity?

Yes, we are legally registered under Companies act, india. we have our own in-house finance, legal, administration departments.

Is our intellectual property secure?

All the members are completely in the control of you so we also encourage signing NDA with members as we do too. Additional security measures can be added at your request such as system access etc.

Why should I choose you as a provider?

You have full control of your team without spending upfront on the infrastructure, legal formalities, support staff and other overheads. You can hand craft your own team of your choice at its best. We strive to provide exceptional support and transparency to all our clients.

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