Find the Right Provider and Treat Them As Your Partner:

There is no model that is better or worse since all the models can be applied successfully depending on your specific needs. Knowing your requirements is crucial for your project in the long term and We can help with your requirement needs, click here.

Major offshore development models:

  • Freelancer
  • Traditional outsourcing
  • staff augmentation (Extended team)

Projects with limited resources and periods of time can utilise freelance models like projects with fixed scope or small chunks of work. If a project has multiple freelancers working on it increases overhead for the coordination and quality control. It lacks commitment and enthusiasm towards your product from the people working on it.

Traditional outsourcing
Broadly applied to projects with pre-defined scope. Collaborate with a provider with your requirement needs. Deal is agreed , you sign the papers. Provider takes care from this step to accomplish the requirement as per commitment. The provider assigns your project to your development team. The provider’s project manager supervises his team, resolves project scopes and makes sure it's delivered. This model limits your opportunity to pick who works on the project, and influence over the developmental process.

Extended team
Extended team model permits you to have 100 percent authority over the development procedure. The provider acts as an intermediary who works closely with you and helps to organise your offshore software development team to accomplish your needs. You get to choose software development members and influence the culture of the team. you have the privilege to access diverse knowledge from each individual organically.You can focus on Business/product development while Scaleblue covers legal, administrative, HR payroll, office space and amenities.

Our Expertise

  • Strategy & Consulting
  • Technology & Engineering
  • Tax and Valuation
  • Workforce Management
  • Customer Experience & Design
  • Enterprise Platforms support
  • Data & Artificial Intelligence
  • Digital marketing
  • Cultural transformation

Our Business collaboration be like,

  • Have your dedicated team at our office or distributed remotely in India
  • Digitally transform local business
  • Outsource software development and maintenance works with remote management
  • Conduct Information systems audit
  • Start retail business in India
  • Expand services
  • Establish a brand franchise
  • Outsource digital marketing
  • Transform company culture
  • Start an NGO in India
  • Financial and accounting services
  • Developing an own product

Critical questions to get you started with outsourcing:

  • registered under government
  • Business service specialisation
  • Transparent operations
  • Support and response rate
  • Quality management

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